Transitions Policy

Where a student moves from one school (the sending school) to another (the receiving school) and (1) the schools are within the same jurisdiction (ie. both the sending school and the receiving school are public state schools within the same state) OR (2) the parent provide online consent to the data transfer, we may facilitate a basic data transfer between the portals.

In the event that a transfer occurs or a student exits their existing school, we may send a clarification/consent email to the parent or guardian of the student. In this email we may; confirm the location we have is correct, request the information of their destination or advise of a transfer. 

In addition to school/parent approved transfers, we also undertake a validation process to ensure details and students are correctly transferred to schools. 

You agree that you are the legal parent or guardian of the child listed in your Compass Transitions email and that the destination selection you have made on the 'Student Transitions | Select Destination' page is true and accurate.

You further approve the transfer of your child's basic school record to their new nominated school. You understand that this transfer may contain an incomplete snapshot of your child’s record and include details from their academic reports, third-party tests, student photographs, attendance and student profile (including Chronicle).

Serious incidents, concerns, intolerances, learning concerns and/or medical details may not be included and as such should be reported to the school directly by you. In the event that your school is located in another jurisdiction to that of your original school, you agree and permit the transfer of your data to an entity which may be outside of state or territory boundaries. For more information on our transfer process please contact